Nokia Pro Camera app coming to Lumia 928

With the arrival of the new Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia has released a new camera application that offers great control and new features to make the best photo’s possible.


The best part of this is that this app will also be released for the Lumia 928! Continue reading

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Save 2.5GB of space by deleting Maps

Some Lumia 928 phones come preloaded with 2.5GB of Nokia Maps data including maps for the Cayman Islands (21.8 MB),the Bahamas (24.9 MB) and USA (2,518.8 MB).


If you don’t use Nokia Maps all lot, or only use a small portion of the map (just your state) it is a good idea to remove the maps from your mobile phone to save space. Don’t worry they won’t be gone forever, whenever your phone needs the map (because you are travelling) it can just download the map it needs again. Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia 928 just $0.99 on Amazon

Another price drop for the Lumia 928 on Amazon! The Lumia 928 has been available for just $29,99, but now the price has dropped to just $0.99


We are unsure if this price drop is permanent, so if you are planning to buy a Lumia 928 now is a good time to get it! One thing is sure, this is a smart move by Nokia. Esp. with its direct competitor Samsung working on a new line of series called the Samsung Galaxy F.

View the offer on

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Just how good is the Lumia 928 camera?

When you have been following the Nokia Lumia 928 you probably know all about Nokia’s claims that the Lumia 928 has the best smartphone camera performance (especially in low light situations).

In this post I have collected pictures taken by actual Nokia Lumia 928 owners.

What do you think of these pictures? Let us known in the comments below or feel free to share your own pictures you made with the Lumia 928!

Want an even better camera? Than we suggest you wait for the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 which will have a 41MP camera!

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Nokia Lumia 928 now available for $30 on Amazon

The Nokia Lumia 928 was launched with a pricetag of $99, now just a couple of weeks later Amazon has a great offer which allows you to get the Nokia Lumia 928 for just $29.99.


If this price drop is permanent and if other sellers will follow is unknown at the moment, so if you are thinking of getting a Lumia 928 make use of this offer while it lasts!

You can find the offer here.

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Lumia 928, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 camera compared

The guys over at Neowin have done a great test in which they compared the camera of the Nokia Lumia 928, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIV.

During the test the camera’s where tested under various circumstances.  Especially during the low-light tests the Nokia Lumia 928 preformed really well.

Neowin concluded the following:

Following the above tests, it became clear that the Lumia 928 is the best all-around smartphone camera of the group with the Galaxy S IV coming in second and the iPhone 5 coming in last.

Continue reading

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First sign of Nokia Lumia 928 succes?

The Nokia Lumia 928 has been sold out at RadioShack.



According to Radioshack the device is facing overwhelming demand which Radioshack can’t handle at the moment. You can still place an order but phone will be shipped when available on a first come, first served base.

Could this be a first indication that the Nokia Lumia 928 is a success, or was the initial demand underestimated by Nokia?


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Lumia 928 supports Verizon’s new AWS network

Verizon Wireless has announced that the Nokia Lumia 928 will be one of the first two devices that will supports Verizon’s new Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) network.


Compared to existing 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) connectivity, AWS should double Internet speeds. The network is expected to be ready for launch in New York City, NY and several other major U.S. cities within the next few months. Continue reading

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How to get rid of orange tint when using Xenon flash

Some users have reported that when taking pictures using the Xenon flash, photos get an orange tint.


The website has found a solution for this problem and its really simple to do! Continue reading

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Microsoft releases Lumia 928 infographic

Microsoft has released an infographic to promote the Nokia Lumia 928. The infographic shows you (in a funny way) just how important it is to be able to take pictures in the dark.


Nokia, Verizon and Microsoft have been promoting the Lumia 928 low-light performance heavily in the last few weeks. Powered with a Pureview camera, optical imagine stabilization and a Xenon flash the Lumia 928 currently is among the best smartphone camera’s.

Click on read more to see the full infographic. Continue reading

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