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Learn how to get the most out of your Nokia Lumia 928

Save 2.5GB of space by deleting Maps

Some Lumia 928 phones come preloaded with 2.5GB of Nokia Maps data including maps for the Cayman Islands (21.8 MB),the Bahamas (24.9 MB) and USA (2,518.8 MB).


If you don’t use Nokia Maps all lot, or only use a small portion of the map (just your state) it is a good idea to remove the maps from your mobile phone to save space. Don’t worry they won’t be gone forever, whenever your phone needs the map (because you are travelling) it can just download the map it needs again. Continue reading

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How to get rid of orange tint when using Xenon flash

Some users have reported that when taking pictures using the Xenon flash, photos get an orange tint.


The website has found a solution for this problem and its really simple to do! Continue reading

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How to reset the Nokia Lumia 928

Although Windows Phone 8 is really stable, problems with your phone can occur. If you have some problems with your phone it might be wise to soft reset your phone, this often solves any problems you have. A soft reset is like restarting your computer.


A more drastic measure is a hard reset. A hard reset will delete all of your personal data from the phone, after a hard reset your phone will be in the same state as when you first turned it on after purchase.

In this how to you will learn how to perform both a soft and a hard reset. Continue reading

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