How to reset the Nokia Lumia 928

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Although Windows Phone 8 is really stable, problems with your phone can occur. If you have some problems with your phone it might be wise to soft reset your phone, this often solves any problems you have. A soft reset is like restarting your computer.


A more drastic measure is a hard reset. A hard reset will delete all of your personal data from the phone, after a hard reset your phone will be in the same state as when you first turned it on after purchase.

In this how to you will learn how to perform both a soft and a hard reset.
To do a soft reset:

  1. Press down the Volume Down + Power button
  2. Hold until your device vibrates (takes around 15 seconds)

To preform a hard reset:

  1. Go to Settings > About
  2. Select reset your phone
  3. wait (this can take up to an hour!)
  4. Your phone is as good as new
  • Scott

    Good to know! Wasn’t thrilled about the non-removable battery, but the charging times for wireless charging are insane. I’m switching from an HTC Droid DNA and I’m getting my 928 today, and it takes more than 4 hours to charge it wirelessly, whereas the 928 is supposed to charge in 45 minutes!

  • Sal

    Thanks ! I needed this quickly and found this simple explanation quickly.

  • mel

    Cool. My phone hanged, touchscreen not working. Thanks to soft reset. Thank you. Thank you Lord! God bless!

  • jim

    Thanks VERY much for this tip…phone screen stopped working and could not turn it off then back on…debt of gratitude to you

  • BSLugnut

    How long should the hard reset take on the Lumia 928? The gears have been spinning for 4 hours and 21 minutes….

    • unsatisfied lumia 928 user

      trade it in now. i have 3 lumias and have had nothing but trouble. This will be a continuous problem if my phones are the example

      • BSLugnut

        Unfortunately, VZW doesn’t have any newer Windows Phones…

        • Sarah

          I had the same problem and they said it’s a software issue that they are aware of and that they are in the process of trying to fix it for everyone. I had to send my phone back because it froze, did its own hard restart and I had spinning gears for over a day. Got a new phone. Just had it freeze for the first time today so it must be an ongoing issue for everyone.

  • Gary

    thank you so much. What a great help

  • happy


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  • Michael Woodyshek

    THIS DIDN’T HELP!!!!!!!!!!!